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Events from the year 1900 in Canada.



Federal government[edit]

Provincial governments[edit]

Lieutenant governors[edit]


Territorial governments[edit]


Lieutenant governors[edit]



January to June[edit]

Hull fire on April 26, 1900.
  • April 26 – Two-thirds of Hull, Quebec, is destroyed in a fire.
  • June 15 – James Dunsmuir becomes premier of British Columbia, replacing Joseph Martin.

July to December[edit]

Full date unknown[edit]


January to June[edit]

John Babcock in 1920

July to December[edit]

Full date unknown[edit]


Historical Documents[edit]

Political cartoonist shows Canadian farmer's preference for Liberal over Conservative record [1]

After spreading fire destroys Ottawa power plant, House forced to adjourn as governments seek help from military and nearby cities[2]

Fire that destroyed much of Hull (Gatineau), Quebec, and part of Ottawa described[3]

Hartley Bay girl describes her time in Kitimat, B.C. boarding school[4]

Newspaper publishers' problems with costs and paper supply[5]

Cape Town thanks Imperial volunteer forces for their South African War service[6]

Saint John, New Brunswick program includes two women's military drill teams [7]

Whitefish, spuds and Klondikers: the news from Lesser Slave Lake, N.W.T.[8]


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