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LGA 1700
Processor dimensions37.5 mm x 45 mm
PredecessorLGA 1200
Memory supportDDR4

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LGA 1700 (Socket V) is an Intel microprocessor compatible socket for Alder Lake desktop CPUs which was released in Q4 2021.

LGA 1700 is designed as a replacement for LGA 1200 (known as Socket H5) and it has 1700 protruding pins to make contact with the pads on the processor. Compared to its predecessor, it has 500 more pins, which required a major change in socket and processor sizes; it is 7.5 mm longer. It is the first major change in Intel's LGA desktop CPU socket size since the introduction of LGA 775 in 2004, especially for consumer-grade CPU sockets. The larger size also required a change in the heatsink fastening holes configuration, making previously used cooling solutions incompatible with LGA 1700 motherboards and CPUs.[2] Noctua among other cooler companies is working on upgrade kits for existing coolers as well as new coolers for this socket.

Alder Lake chipsets (600 series)[edit]

Intel is expected to release the full line-up of Alder Lake chipsets after November 4, 2021. At the moment only the Z690 chipset has been announced.

Overclocking Yes
Bus Interface DMI 4.0 x8
CPU support Alder Lake
Memory support Up to 128GB

DDR4 3200

DDR5 4800

Maximum DIMM slots 4
Maximum USB 2.0 ports 14
USB 3.2 ports configuration Gen 1 (5 Gbit/s) Up to 10
Gen 2 x1 (10 Gbit/s)
x2 (20 Gbit/s) Up to 4
Maximum SATA 3.0 ports 8
Processor PCI Express v5.0 configuration 1x16 + 1x4


2x8 + 1x4

PCH PCI Express configuration 28
Independent Display Support (digital ports/pipes) 4
Integrated Wireless (802.11ax / Wi-Fi 6E) Yes
SATA RAID 0/1/5/10 support Yes
Intel Optane Memory Support Yes
Intel Smart Sound Technology Yes
Intel Active Management, Trusted Execution and vPro Technology No
Chipset TDP 6W
Chipset lithography
Release date Q4 2021

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