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  英文系學生說 只要聽的懂 VOA SPECIAL ENGLISH 英文程度就可以到中級,也就是說不管全民英檢、多益、托福的考試英文單字表,都包括在VOA英文單字表內,所以只要每天可以聽寫完成一篇報導,大概三個月就可以到達英文中上以上程度,這投資報酬率比去任何補習班都還要高,當然讀書要有技巧,背單字更要有方法,但學了又用不到怎麼辦,請你參考三分鐘讓你跟外國人聊天,當然背單字累的時候也可以看看一些適合學習英文的卡通/動畫片或者聽一些常聽到的簡單英文歌英文書籍看美劇,當然VOA英文單字對你來說太困難的話,就從國小畢業必需學會的300英文單字,開始建立學習英文的信心。再升級到常用英文單字基礎1000字,最後再來背VOA就事半功倍囉!



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Voa English 1500單字內容範例 (版權所有美國之音voanews.com)

1. VOA Special English Word Book
2. a (an) - ad. one; any; each 一個
3. able - ad. having the power to do something 有能力的
4. about - ad. almost ("about half"); of or having a relation to ("We talk about the weather.") 大約
5. above - ad. at a higher place 在….之上
6. abuse - n. bad treatment causing harm or injury 濫用、虐待
7. accept - v. to agree to receive 接受
8. accident - n. something that happens by chance or mistake; 意外
9. accuse - v. to say a person is responsible for an act or crime; to make a statement against someone 控告
10. across - ad. from side to side; to the other side 跨越

103. baby - n. a newly born creature 寶寶
104. back - n. the part behind the front; ad. the other way from forward
105. bad - ad. wrong; acting against the law; not good
106. balance - v. to make two sides or forces equal 平衡
107. ball - n. something round 球
108. balloon - n. 氣球
109. ballot - n. a piece of paper used for voting 選票
110. ban - v. to not permit; to stop; n. an official restriction 禁止

187. cabinet - n. 內閣a group of ministers that helps lead a government
188. call - v. 稱呼、打電話to give a name to ("I call myself John."); to ask for or request ("They called for an end to the fighting.")
189. calm - ad. 冷靜quiet; peaceful; opposite tense
190. camera - n. 相機a device for taking pictures
191. camp - n. 營隊a place with temporary housing
192. campaign - n. 競選活動a competition by opposing political candidates seeking support from voters; a connected series of military actions during a war
193. can - v. to be able to; to have the right to; n. a container used to hold liquid or food, usually made of metal
194. cancel - v. 取消to end; to stop
195. cancer - n. 癌症a disease in which dangerous cells grow quickly and destroy parts of the body
196. candidate - n. 候選人a person who seeks or is nominated for an office or an honor
197. capital - n. 首都the official center of a government; the city where a country's government is
198. capture - v. 捕捉to make a person or animal a prisoner; to seize or take by force; to get control of
199. car - n. a vehicle with wheels used to carry people; an automobile; a part of a train
200. care - v. 關心to like; to protect; to feel worry or interest


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