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Default David Icke and Secret Space Programs

As the thread title says I'm wondering why DI doesn't talk about this issue? I'm interest in his take on this.

It appears there's this whole group of 'insiders' and 'researchers' with incredible information and for some reason DI 'ignores' it?
Maybe ignores is not the best word to describe this... I'm sure he's well aware of it.

The group in question is David Wilcock, Michael Salla, Corey Goode and many others...

Is it just that his path is a bit different and he feels like certain other matters are currently more important for humanity and that's why he focuses more on that?

What do you think?
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That's a very good question metak ... The SSP is the elephant in the living room..

The SSP has been said , by impartial observers , to now have become the cutting edge issue in the truther community ... even AJ is pushing this ... this is now where the serious thinkers are to be found , dealing with this new material , which has only been around , in force , for perhaps 3 years ...

While on this forum very few seem to know about it ... the main issues here are 9/11 , Apollo ... ANCIENT HISTORY , which should have been put to bed long ago ... Absolutely no point in going over and over this again , except for newcomers to the subject ... and that's perhaps also why numbers are down here , while interest in corey goode, simon parkes etc is exploding ....

Let me give a brief summary of what the SSP information deals with ....

Around the time of Roswell there was contact between various ET's and the US administration. Very advanced tech became available , traded in exchange for humans . The controllers most definitely did not want this given to the public as it would transform and liberate the world making humanity impossible to control , so they developed a breakaway civilisation , off world , with fantastic advanced tech, UFO type craft that can be cloaked ... time travel , teleportation , de ageing that allows humans to live forever in a young body, mind wipe ...

So this illuminati controlled off world empire , peopled mostly by millions of slaves taken from earth as children , became part of the wider galactic civilisation , meeting and trading with some of the thousands of different ET groups that are all around us.

One of these ET groups are the Reptilians . Comprised of a dozen separate related species . One of these species are the reps DI is familiar with , they have been controlling earth civilisation for milenia , mostly by psychic means , overshadowing/ possessing those who willingly work with them in exchange for wealth and fame. They are physical beings that travel in hardships and eat humans , but they also operate in other dimensions.

The illuminati profile everyone from birth , they find the talented , intelligent and gifted and by one route or another they get them in the SSP .. what's left on Earth are the mediocre , the idiots , like you and me ...all the geniuses are off world.

Many officers and others in the SSP are not slaves , they are smartest from the military and elsewhere , and work willingly , but are not told the whole picture. There is an awakening in their ranks and a rebellion. Like many ET groups they are putting pressure on the controllers to go public with the SSP ... The cabal realise this is inevitable and are trying to manage this in a vain attempt to keep control , and keep from humanity the truth about their crimes (mass slavery and worst).
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OZ, so what you're saying should be covered in this book that I started reading "Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances" by Michael Salla?

Here's the table of contents:

Chapter 1: Classified Hybrid Antigravity Spacecraft: A Cover for the Real Secret Space Program
- Biefeld-Brown Effect and Electrogravitic Propulsion
- Hybrid Conventional and Electrogravitic Propulsion Aircraft
- Hybrid Conventional and Electrogravitic Propulsion Spacecraft—Aurora Program
- TR-3B and Magnetic Field Disrupter (Antigravity) Technology
Chapter 2: Origins of the Secret Space Program
- Professor Schumann & Germany’s First Flying Saucer Prototypes
- The Vril Society’s Secret Space Program
- Secret Societies in Germany: Vril, Thule and Black Sun
- Corey Goode on the Vril Society’s Secret Space Program
Chapter 3: Secret Deals: Nazi & Fascist Flying Saucer Weapons Programs
- Space Program Cooperation Between Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy
- Hans Kammler & Nazi Germany’s Parallel Secret Space Programs
Chapter 4: Origins of the Dark Fleet
- The Nazi Retreat to Antarctica & South America
- Operation High Jump Encounters Nazis and ET Allies
- Emergence of the “Dark Fleet” Secret Space Program
Chapter 5: Solar Warden: The USA's First Secret Space Program
- Reverse Engineering Captured Nazi & Alien Flying Saucers
- Reverse Engineering Cigar-Shaped Spacecraft Carriers
- Solar Warden
- Corey Goode and Solar Warden
Chapter 6: Majestic 12 & The Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate
- Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate
Chapter 7: Global Galactic League of Nations Space Program
- Circumstantial Evidence in Support of the Galactic League of Nations
- Building the Global Galactic League of Nations
- Global Galactic League of Nations Space Program and the Dark Fleet
Chapter 8: Rogue SAP's. the Cabal/Illuminati & Advanced Space Technologies
- Rogue SAPs and Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 9: U.S. Government Suppression of a Civilian Space Program
- Otis Carr Claims to Build the World’s First Civilian Spacecraft
- Ralph Ring Emerges to Reveal Carr’s Successful Development of the OTC-X1
- Credibility of Ralph Ring’s Testimony
- Public Policy Implications
- Conclusions
Chapter 10: Ancient Secret Space Programs
- Ancient Space Programs
Chapter 11: Extraterrestrial Interactions with the Secret Space Programs
- Secret Space Program Alliance
- Earth Alliance
- Sphere Being Alliance
- Draconian Federation Alliance- Super Federation—Human Looking Extraterrestrials
- Armed Conflicts between the Different Secret Space Programs & Alliances
Chapter 12: Secret Moon Base—Lunar Operations Command
- German Moon Base Alpha becomes Lunar Operations Command
- Moon as a Diplomatic Neutral Zone
Chapter 13: Comparing Mars Whistleblower Testimonies
- Michael Relfe and The Mars Records
- Randy Cramer and the “Mars Defense Force”
- A Comparison of Testimonies: Michael Relfe vs. Randy Cramer
- A Comparison of Testimonies: Randy Cramer vs. Corey Goode
- Differences In Testimonies: Relfe, Cramer & Goode
- Evaluating Similarities: Michael Relfe & Randy Cramer
- Evaluating Similarities: Randy Cramer & Corey Goode
- Conclusion
Chapter 14: Secret Mars Bases: Corporate Control, Slave Labor & Interstellar Human Trafficking
- Slave Labor on Mars
- British Interplanetary Society Explores Overthrowing Dictators on Mars
- U.S. Congress to Protect Slave Labor on Mars & Corporate Space Colonies
- Galactic Human Slave Trade
Chapter 15: Law of One, Sphere Being Alliance, Full Disclosure & Ascension
- Key Concepts in the Law of One
- Earth Quarantine & Sphere Being Alliance
- Full Disclosure Event
- The Event/Ascension
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Originally Posted by metak88 View Post
OZ, so what you're saying should be covered in this book that I started reading "Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances" by Michael Salla?
A book ...goodness ... a long time since I've bought one of those ...

Michael Salla is brilliant , He must be the best source for getting the broad picture , I watch his interviews with whistleblowers over and over ...

But I haven't addressed your main question, why hasn't DI talked publicly about this , neither has he covered Apollo , or time travel (even though he's buddies with someone who claims to have been heavily involved with time travel and portals).

DI's presentations have changed very little over the decades , and I would suggest that's because the bulk of humanity has not caught up with the basics ... he has the patience to go over and over the same material , and that's where this forum mostly is ... and that's fine, because 90% of people still have to come to terms with 9/11 , intentionally poisoned vaccines, sandy hook and the rest of it ... the SSP is a step too far! ... Although DI was the first to bring up the reps , shapeshifting royals and human sacrifice, which is very far out....

Perhaps part of the answer is David is not comfortable with technical matters , it takes a particular sort of mind to see through the maze of Apollo misinfo and come out convinced it was fake ... same with SSP it is very specialized and complex , notice Dr Salla is an academic , very smart , and concentrates mainly on the SSP .

AJ is now convinced of the SSP only because he's had many generals and other high level people talk to him off record ... I don't think DI has such sources , so he may not yet be sure about the SSP.
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