The One Universal Creation Account at The Tower of Babel

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The One Universal Creation Account at The Tower of Babel

Post by Eugene Shubert » Mon Jan 01, 2018 2:28 pm

God confused the one universal language at The Tower of Babel symmetrically, according to Genesis 10 and 11. Consequently, the resulting language families that initially defined the first clans of the descendants of Noah’s sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, were all approximately equal distortions of the first universal language. It is to be conjectured therefore that every ancient language family might have retained some form of recognizable, specialized vocabulary that memorialized significant events after the fall and that we might be able to imagine the severity of the fragmentation of the first language by seeing parallels and common themes, such as creation history, in the formation of the ancient derivatives.

Here is compelling evidence as I see it, which supports the thesis above:

Chinese characters are pictographs. Often Chinese words are pictorial combinations of other Chinese words. The ancient Chinese word for seven, for example, is a pictorial representation of a God Being resting in a sitting position, with His arm stretched out in a blessing gesture.

Seven = Image

Creation = dust + mouth + breath + walk

Forbidden = 2 trees + God

Covet = 2 trees + woman

Murderer = older brother + a mark

Me = hand + knife

Light = fire over a worshiper

Righteousness = lamb over me

Dragon = flesh + bitter + crooked snake + wing

Pattern or Example = lamb on tree, eternal

(There is one ancient Chinese word that means naked, red, and faithful)

(Son of Red means someone faithful)

Confusion, Chaos and Mess = tongue + (leg or walking)

Thank you Grace for teaching me these words and the ancient origin of your native language.

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